Getting Around in Barcelona

Coming from Arizona where I rarely used public transportation we were a little unsure how difficult it would be to get around without a car while traveling in Barcelona and Europe.

Getting to Cardedeu

As soon as we landed in Barcelona we picked up our luggage and headed for an airport bus that would take us near the train station. Right away, one of the wheels on our 50 pound suitcase was just missing. I don’t know where it broke off but now I was even more worried about how much walking/traveling we’d need to do to make it to our apartment in Cardedeu which was 20+ miles away from Barcelona.

We had 2 backpacks, 2 large checked bags, a carry on, a diaper bag, a stroller, and baby Averal to carry.

After the airport bus we took the back way (the wrong way) to the train station and an attendant helped us get our tickets and get on the train with a minute to spare. The train is nice and simple. We arrived the day after Christmas so it was nearly empty which was convenient since we took up quite a few seats with all our stuff.

About 40 minutes later we stopped in Granollers just 2 stop from our stop in Cardedeu. We sat there about 5 minutes before we realized this was the end of the stop for this train and needed to get off and get on a different train that would take us the rest of the way.

In Cardedeu it was just an easy quarter mile walk (with a busted 50 pound bag) to the apartment we booked on Airbnb. Everything is super walkable in Cardedeu and we loved strolling around. At the right time it felt like walking around a mall back home. The streets would fill up with families and cafés would line the sidewalks with tables and chairs.

Taking the Train to Barcelona

From Cardedeu there was a train twice an hour to Barcelona. Depending on the stop you got off at it was 30 to 45 minutes. It was never too difficult to find a seat but it’s definitely busy in the morning with people going to work or heading to the university.

Once in Barcelona we only took the bus twice and mostly stuck to the train and metro. The metro covers the whole city and it was never too far to walk to a station to hop on. The train ticket was good for the bus and metro as well and was good for 75 minutes. We bought 10 trip passes to save money and ended up using 2 each during the 3 weeks we were there.

Walking Around Barcelona

Not only was it easy to find public transportation but walking around was nice too. The cities we visited were all very walkable with big sidewalks and mostly friendly drivers who would yield to pedestrians in a crosswalk. My only gripe, and it’s a small one, is that the sidewalks aren’t all very stroller friendly. Also the metro and train stations are very inconsistent with their ramps and elevators. We carried Averal in her stroller up countless steps in Barcelona but it was a small price to pay to explore and enjoy the city.

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