2016 Travel Reflection

January is here and Matt & I were reflecting on all the traveling/places we had been in 2016. 2016 was a wonderful and eventful year full of adventure & fun. I’m so glad Matt and I both find travel & adventure important in our life and that we make it a priority!

List of places traveled in 2016:

Dayton, OH – ONLY Matt, work trip to meet new employers
Oahu, HA – Family Vacation
Kauaii, HA – Family Vacation
Rocky Point, Mexico – Beach Camping
Monterrey, CA – Family Beach Camping
San Francisco, CA – Quick trip
Mountain View, CA – Google Campus
Holden Beach, NC – Family Beach trip
Atlanta, GA – Atlanta Aquarimu
Provo, UT – Vist family
East Canyon, UT – Family Vacation
Best Lake, UT – Heidi’s Triathlon Race
Seattle, WA – Visit Friends
St. George, UT – ONLY Heidi & Averal Visit Family
Charlotte, NC – Moved
Drive from Mesa, AZ to Charlotte, NC – ONLY Matt w/ moving truck
Barcelona, Spain – Start of our 14 week Europe trip


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