Spain – Day 3 & 4: Daily Life

We are still slightly adjusting to the 6hr time difference. We all easy slept in until 10-11 am the past two mornings, which was really nice and much needed. After we get up, dressed and fed we headed out to explore Cardedeu. Our apartment isn’t too far from much in town so over the two days I feel like I have a pretty good jist of how to get to most places around us and the town center. We have located the local soccer stadium, game store, library, grocery market, and several parks that we can take Averal too. The parks here aren’t much to brag about, but Averal is content swinging for nearly the entire time we spend there, along with picking up leafs.

We typically get home between noon-1pm so we can have lunch and Matt can start working. Averal ask for a nap after lunch and while she sleeps I will tidy up the place by washed dishes, swept the floor, started a load of laundry, and checked emails until Averal woke up. After Averal’s nap we will watch an episode of Sarah and Duck or Curious George while we eat a snack before the two of us head out to the park before dark. While I’m at our apartment life feels mostly normal. I have chores to do, meals to prepare, meditation to practice, and a daughter to entertain me.

I’m still adjusting to living in slightly less than perfect conditions that we are so blessed with in the United States of America; But living here Spain and getting to see and experience this culture with my amazing husband and daughter is unforgettable experience.

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