Spain – Day 2: Granollers

I had the day off so we planned to explore Cardedeu in the morning and check out the city of Granollers in the afternoon where the church building we’ll go to on Sunday is located.

We slept through the morning and woke up at noon. The rest was much appreciated.

We still stuck to our plans and found a great supermarket and park where we stayed for a while to let Averal play. The park is right next to the local soccer team’s stadium. Apparently they have a game in 2 weeks so I’m going to see if I can find out when and how to get tickets.

Since it wasn’t a holiday the town was a bit busier with more cars in the streets. The weather has been nice. In the high 50’s so all you need is a jacket.

Granollers is a larger city to the southwest of Cardedeu and on the way to Barcelona. There’s a church building there so we wanted to see how to get there. It’s one stop away on the train and a short walk later we were at the building. From there we headed to the center of the city to see what we could find. On the way we found a big park and a plaza with small carnival-like rides for kids. In the center is a large shopping district. The streets are walking-only and they were crowded with families.

After we sauntered around for a while Averal fell asleep in the stroller and we went to a Turkish restaurant. We didn’t know it was a Turkish place when we went there but whatever we ordered (a Döner Kebab?) was delicious! Not at all a Spanish meal but it was really tasty.

The train ride home was pretty uneventful but it was much more full than the day before when it was a holiday. Overall, anywhere we go kind of feels like walking through a mall back home. Lots of people and lots of little shops. Each shop seems to have it’s own schedule as to when it will be open or closed. I’ve seen at least 2 bakeries with pretty great looking donuts in the window so it’s only a matter of time before temptation wins me over and I compare them to the deliciousness back home.

On a side note, I felt fairly confident about going to Spain because I speak Spanish – Belgium still worries me. I had no idea how common Catalan is spoken here and not Spanish. Everyone understands my Spanish just fine and for the most part I understand their Catalan but most signs are in Catalan not Spanish. Some Catalan words are close to the Spanish version but many are different enough that I have no clue what they mean.

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